Hi! My name is Maike (pronounced “myka”) and I currently live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

IMG_20150306_125005I grew up in a quirky family who loves the outdoors, travelling and “doing something with our hands”. That has led me to try a lot of crafts and activities: knitting, crocheting, embroidery, bobbin-lace, macramé, sewing, painting in water colours and oil, playing the piano, to name a few. The one I fell in love with, kept me engaged with new designs and techniques and accompanied me through the years is knitting. Recently I started spinning yarn and find it as relaxing and exciting as knitting. It completes it beautifully by allowing me to plan a garment from the “sheep’s fleece” to the final item. How much more control can one have? Or so I thought. Well, there are always surprises along the way and what better way to share them in this blog.

In some ways the unexpected changes with spinning yarn and knitting are similar to what one experiences while travelling. Many times a travel plan will be altered by external circumstances and requires a relaxed attitude and willingness to be open to the change to enjoy the journey. It is all a big adventure! Read along and enjoy the ride!